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Now Offering Paint Protection Film.

Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, is hands down the best way to protect your vehicle. PPF has self healing capabilities and a ceramic top coat right out of the box. This will protect from rock chips and scratches. This keeps your paint looking its best for years! Paint protection film is best applied when the vehicle is brand new to avoid any damages from driving. If your vehicle is older, fret not, it can still be protected. That may require paint correction services prior to applying PPF. 

We currently use Geoshield Ceramic PPF.

Below are just a few options that are most popular when selecting what areas to protect on your vehicle. 

Partial Front

This covers 18" to 24" of your hood, full front bumper, partial fenders, headlights and fog lights. Every vehicle is different in size and difficulty rating so please keep in mind, this is our starting price. We also wrap our edges where possible to give you that invisible look.

Turn around time : 2+ days


Car Garage
partial front.png
Front of Car
full front.png

Full Front

This covers your full hood, front bumper, grill, mirrors, fenders, headlights and fog lights. We wrap our edges where possible to give you the invisible look. This is our most common installation for PPF.  Keep in mind every vehicle is different size and difficulty so this is a starting price. 

Turn around time : 2+ Days.


Front of Car

Full Vehicle

This will cover every panel of your vehicle. This will include, front bumper, headlights and fog lights, front grill, full hood, fenders, mirrors, A & B pillars, roof, doors, rear quarter panels, trunk or hatch door, spoiler, tail lights and rear bumper. Wrapped edges where possible for the invisible look. Keep in mind this is just our starting price and we need to build you a quote. Every vehicle is different in size and complexity. 

Turn around time : 5+ days.


Get in Touch

Please let us know the year, make, model and sub-model of your vehicle. Yes, sub-model is very important as different models have different accent pieces. For example; a 2022 Honda Civic Ex has a different front bumper from a 2022 Honda Civic Si. Also let us know what areas you are interested in protecting.


Thanks for submitting!

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