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why does my car get so dirty, so quickly?

     One of the most difficult things about living in the Midwest is our ever-changing weather. One day it will rain, the next it will snow and then we have sun and clear skies! It can be super frustrating at how quickly your vehicle will attract dust and dirt. This is one of the biggest differences between a professional detail, and a tunnel wash production detail service.  

     The reason your vehicle gets so dirty, so quickly is due to it not being properly cleaned. When contamination is left on the surface of the vehicle before ANY type of protection is applied, this causes the protection to not properly bond to your paint. It breaks down much quicker than expected, or so states on the tin of wax you just used. Production detail washes, may be much cheaper, but they in turn use high PH soaps and cleaners that do not accurately remove contamination from you paint and cause a film to dry onto to the surface that actually attracts dirt and dust. These production washes such as Fullers, soft way, and gas station washes do not decontaminate your paint. 

     The results will last much longer when the vehicle goes through a full decontamination process. You will notice a self cleaning ability of your vehicles paint when done properly, and it is properly protected. When properly decontaminated and properly protected, you will start to notice the rain actually cleaning your vehicle. You will notice this because the proper care was put forth into decontamination, such as Iron Fallout Remover, and Clay Bar. For more info on these topics, see our page, "what is a clay bar?"

     Of course if you have any questions, whether you are a do it your self kind of person, or how can I make sure this is proper, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on any of our platforms. Facebook, text or call, send us an email! Because at Diamond Detail & Tint, we strive to keep those vehicles looking proper!

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