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How much does a detail cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Diamond Tints, is "How much does it cost for a full detail?". This question is much more difficult to answer than one would imagine. The answer can be heavily dependent on many factors. These factors include many things such as; type of vehicle, size of vehicle, condition of vehicle, expectations of client, and length of time since previous professional detail. I will explain each of these.

The type of vehicle matters to Diamond Tints. Year, make, and model matter because each one is very different. A motorcycle has much less surface area than a minivan. A smart car, has less area than a Ford Econoline Van. Each model and trim has different options, pockets, cup holders, different materials, different crevices. There is more to it than just this however. Here at Diamond Tints, we aren't your average detailers. We have high end services, from paint corrections, ceramic coatings, full restoration details, pulling out seats to detail, to basic washing and waxing. Not everyone wants to pay $2500 for a luxury detail. Knowing the year, make and model of the vehicle somewhat helps up determine the level of service someone may desire. For example, a construction worker may not want top tier protection on his work truck, but a Tesla owner may want to protect every surface.

Condition of a vehicle is of massive importance to us before we can quote your service. Every person has a different idea of what a detail should include. They also have a totally different idea of what dirty looks like. Some people will wait until you cannot see the original color of the dash before they clean it, others will get some small crumbs and think it's filthy. We detail for all types of different lifestyles, and some have OCD when it comes to clean, others forget about stains because they have been there since they have purchased their vehicle. It is difficult to when a client compares our services to mobile detailers, and big detail companies, like Chicago Auto Pros. I assure you there is a huge difference between passionate OCD detailing vs. production detailing. This is a main reason we ask several questions and ask for photos of the vehicle. It is our goal to make sure your expectations are met and you get put into a detail package that best fits your needs, not ours. We customize every single quote we give, and will not place you into a box package to deal with the results. It is a goal of ours to meet and exceed your expectations and this is not a one size fits all service, because results and expectations are important to us!

Expectations of the client typically go hand in hand with the current condition of the vehicle. Expectation can very greatly from person to person. There are folks that expect white glove service, and those that simply do not. It does not make sense for a professional pet groomer to want ALL of the hair and dander out of the vehicle, when it will have 5 to 10 animals in it the very next day! On the other hand, someone purchasing this vehicle may be allergic to pet hair and dander, and would want a full seats out pet and dander removal service to get it ALL out. The difference between these 2 levels of service can be staggering. The typical soccer mom minivan with 3 kids during season may not care about stains and spills, however the soccer mom who just sent her last kid to college and just paid off that van, may want a full restoration detail! You just never know until you ask questions and listen to your client.

Lastly, we talk about length of time between services. At Diamond Tints are main goal is to get you on a regular maintenance service. Whether we are servicing it, or we teach you how to, it has to be done. Vehicles are petri dishes for bacteria. I know that sounds blunt, but it is true. Most of us sneeze, cough, eat, drink, and smoke in our vehicles. We also do some things that are not professional to mention, but they stink! This doesn't even count all the dirty surfaces we walk on and carry that bacteria back into our vehicles. I know women can relate to this very well. Men have horrible aim when they use the restroom. Think about all the urine you walk on in a public restroom and carry that back into the car with you. Its very disgusting and sounds gross, but imagine cleaning it on a daily basis, and having people not understand how gross it really can be. You cannot see bacteria. You can physically have no dirt on the floor of your vehicle and it appear clean, but if you haven't wiped it down in 6 months, guess what?! There is bacteria in that vehicle. It is most heavy on the carpets, steering wheel, door handles, shifter and that nasty key fob...YES we clean that too! I told you, we are on a whole other level of detailers. We have time sensitive detail packages. If it has been over a year since a professional detail, your vehicle is not eligible for a basic service. That is an earned service for those who maintain the car. Yes, the exterior is slightly different and is always eligible for basic services.

We appreciate each and every one of our clients, but we also know not every person is a client for us. This is exactly why the detailing industry has many segments that break down as, express detail service(such as Fullers Car Wash), production detail service(such as gas station automatic washes), and high end detail service(such as Diamond Tints). One way or another, we will guide you in the right direction because we are professionals in our field. We represent the industry as a whole, and even if you do not choose us, we want to make sure you are happy with your detail.

-Dan Czerwinski

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