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How to Choose the Right Detailer

There are tons of detailers out there and it seems pricing is all over the place. From $45 to $600 and up for an interior and exterior service, how do you know who to choose? Is price a deciding factor for you? Or is quality of service matter to you? What's the difference? It can be very frustrating. Especially in the Spring time when hobbyists pop up as a side hustle. I am here to help you make the right decision that makes sense for your budget and desired results. We will discuss 3 major factors when choosing a company for a detail.

The first factory you want to consider is, "Do they take their business seriously?". There are many easy ways to determine if a detailer is serious about his business. Do they have a legitimate business? A legitimate business will have all proper licensing and carry some form of insurance. There are some key items a serious business owner will have. Another way to uncover a serious detailer is to ask about certifications and training that they have under their belt. While detailing seems easy, there are many simple mistakes that can be made to damage your vehicle.

The second factor you want to consider is whether they are paying attention to your wants and needs. One of the easiest ways to determine this is, are they just firing out a price?, or are they listening, taking notes and asking you questions to determine your desired results? Ultimately, a good business owner will seek to meet expectations, and the only way to know these expectations is to ask questions. Pay attention to the first interaction with said detailer, and see if they are paying attention to your wants and needs.

The third and final factor, is experience. While small jobs do not typically require a lot of intelligence, bigger jobs, typically do. Take a look at reviews to determine customer service skills. If you are looking for a higher end service, ask for referrals or resume materials. Research the company you are doing business with. Your vehicle is one of the larger investments you own, make sure this person is the right one to handle the job.

Last thing I would like to mention, does your detailer want you to return? This is relationship geared. Does the business ask for return service? This is a great sign that they plan to stick around and take care of you. The goal of Diamond Tints is to see you again and again! This is how we keep the doors open! You are always more than welcome to message us any questions you may have regarding choosing a detailer for you. We know we aren't a perfect fit for everyone and we have connections with detailers around the planet and will always steer you in the right direction.

-Dan Czerwinski

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