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Window Tint - How to Choose & What Does it Cost?

A ton of folks call in for window tint services, and a lot ask the same questions. I would like to answer these questions and hopefully help you decide what is best for your vehicle, and why!

How much does it cost for my car? That is the most common question we receive. In order to answer this question we need to ask a series of questions first. Most importantly, what is the year, make & model of the vehicle? How many windows would you like tinted?, and lastly, what do you want the film to do for you?

Size matters! If we are tinting a 2 door coupe such as a Camaro, Mustang, or Challenger, your price will probably we a tad lower than a large Chevy Suburban. This should be pretty obvious as to why for most people to see. The windows are much smaller, and less in quantity. Not only does size of windows matter, but size of vehicle matters due to labor costs as well. I'll tell you, it's not easy to get into the back seat of a Camaro.

Type of vehicle. Most European cars and SUV's are typically going to cost more to tint as well. Audi's have very soft glass that is easy to scratch when using our knife to cut the tint pattern. So we have a higher quality blade that will not scratch, stainless steel! However, we still need to take our time and be careful. These cars also have much tighter window seals that can cause issues when applying film. We like our film to be tucked nicely into that seal so as not to peel up on you when you roll the window down, and the tighter that seal is to the glass, the more difficult it is to tuck that film under it.

What type of film do you want? WHAT!? THERE IS DIFFERENT TYPES!!!!????? Yes. There are 3 types of film on the market available to each and every client. Have you ever called a window tint company and been thrown a price and no follow up conversation? I know I have, and I don't like that. Not only do you have no clue what is being applied, you also have no idea that you can have a warranty, or benefits from your film. If a company cannot give you options or tell you what brand they use, STAY CLEAR OF THAT COMPANY!

Standard dyed window film. This is the most common type of window film out there. It is purely for looks. Not only that, but sometimes it can fade and bubble up over time. If you keep your vehicle outside year round, I would not recommend this film. The sun will damage the glue over time and cause the tint to appear bubbled and blurry. Some films can even change color. This is where you see the purples, greens and browns, and some films may even fade away becoming almost clear! That is why many do not have warranties on this film, and it may not be your best option. This is typically the cheapest film from many companies. Our standard dyed film at Diamond Tints is a color stable dyed film. It does come with a lifetime warranty.

Carbon based window film. This is generally your mid grade film. Some folks may call it metalized film, but there is a slight difference in metalized and carbon film. They will both give you the exact same benefits, but one will have a downside compared to the other. Metalized film is known for reducing radio, cell and bluetooth frequencies, to where carbon does not. Carbon film will reduce the heat inside of the vehicle while it is sitting in the direct sunlight and moving. Some folks get that confused and do not think about thermodynamics. The vehicle is made of metal, and if it is sitting still for a few hours in the direct hot sun, the metal body will absorb heat and transfer that to the interior of the car. The standard film will trap this heat inside, to whereas, the carbon film allows it to flow outward but not inward. So as soon as that vehicle starts moving and air cools the body, the carbon film does not allow heat in thru the windows, and it stays nice and cool inside without needing the AC.

Ceramic window film. This is generally the most expensive film on the market, but with that high price tag, you get the most benefits from it. Ceramic will keep that interior much much cooler than the carbon tint as it blocks the UV rays as well. These UV rays can cause skin cancer and give us sunburn. They can also damage your interior. Your leather will chip, crack and dry out with enough time in the sun, and same with your dash and plastics. Ceramic film protects this 100% from happening. Most ceramic film also has a slight polarization to it, allowing easy sight at night compared to other tints and even regular untinted glass! Have you ever been driving at night and have had a ton of oncoming traffic with bright headlights and haven't been able to see the lines on the road very easily due to the glare those headlights cause? How about driving down a road with trees on the side and that pesky sun keeps flickering in the corner of your eye and makes it harder to see? The ceramic reduces all of those making it so much safer to drive.

So every time a potential customer calls Diamond Tints and asks for a price on window tint, we walk thru the options and benefits. We want to make sure you are educated on what is out there. We also will not sigh and be mad when you do not choose our ceramic option for a high price tag. We want to make sure you get what is best for you and your vehicle!

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